Of course, you’ve noticed her by now, if you’ve been here at all: she’s beaming in the sunshine, just above whatever I’ve posted.  She just turned up on my doorstep one day: butterscotch-colored, wearing no collar, eager and anxious, no companions in sight.  I fed her something, I think; gave her a bowl of water to drink; she seemed grateful enough – but then, she departed.  Next day, this happened again; she even let me scratch her someplace where she was itching, or contending with fleas.  Third day, and again; it’s a pattern.  I’ve come to enjoy, even to anticipate, her visitations.  Fourth day… nothing, no trace of the gorgeous beast.  Tracked her down: at the pound, miserable.  Made a snap decision, to get her out of there, and  brought her home for keeps. She  was a beautiful golden Lab; I named her “Mady“, short for all the other, suggested names I had found too good to discard.  She lived with me for the rest of her days, and such great days she made them for me, too!


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