Speculative Ad: “Jo Z. Crain’s New Album”




written by: Eric Gilmartin

Original text: Copyright 2013.


Introduces the viewer to a rising new (alas, fictitious) Sheryl Crow-type country-rock singer’s debut CD.


[ESTABLISHING SCENE: Hazy view of a juke-joint interior, featuring the main stage, as a door opens. Brilliant light washes over the scene, all but erasing hard shapes and details.]

[JO Z.: I’m used to doing things… differently. I don’t get stage fright; I get ‘lack of a stage’ fright… my Dad’s old vinyl collection was the best music school I could have ever needed. So when I did go to college, I majored in world history: so much song material!]

[CLOSER ANGLE: A fuzzy shape walks into the room, framed in the glare, which dies down… as JO Z. CRAIN, 24 years old, sits on the edge of the stage, holding in her hands a… well, let her explain it – ]

[JO Z.: I just have to do things my own way, I guess. That’s one reason I like my resophonic guitar; it’s got a different thing than other guitars – these little spun metal cones… make that sound, that I just can’t hear enough.  I get it a lot: “You don’t sound like you’re from South Dakota.” I grew up in Sioux Falls… this is what it sounds like now.]

[WIDE ANGLE: As Jo Z. and her musicians tear through an uptempo number.]

[JO Z.: My influences? I’ve got Bakersfield in my blood – Memphis, too… even some London.  John Fogerty is a huge hero… I’m the biggest Gram Parsons fan I know, and I know a few… and Stax-Volt, too – just to be difficult, I suppose!  ‘Course, I love Wynn Stewart, Willie, and Merle Haggard!  No girls, though… peculiar… *laughs* I’ll fix that!]

[REVERSE ANGLE: Jo Z. and her band face an appreciative, vocal AUDIENCE. ]

[ANNOUNCER: On her debut album, available now, Jo Z. Crain is “The Girl From Lincoln County” – Featuring her songs ‘Abel Had A Sister’ and Evening in Jalisco‘… South Dakota’s musical secret is out!]



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