Speculative Ad: ” Victrix Trainers”



Greater Roadrunner, Phoenix, Arizona, USA Fran...
Greater Roadrunner, Phoenix, Arizona, USA Français : Grand géocoucou, Phoenix, Arizona, USA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


written by: Eric Gilmartin

Original text: Copyright 2013.


Displays the drive and confidence a healthy customer derives from wearing new “Victrix Trainers”, a fictitious line of athletic footwear.


[WIDE ANGLE: Endless expanse of sun-baked desert: sweltering-hot, dusty, lifeless. A highway stretches like a concrete ribbon beyond the horizon. Perhaps a vulture’s shadow passes the road.]

[CLOSER ANGLE on: An athletic young RUNNER, late 20’s – early 30’s, dressed to go for miles, beads of perspiration on her face, drinks from her water bottle. She takes in the terrain with a glance: it’s going to be a grueling run, all right, with no sign of a destination at the end of the workout.]

[EXTREME CLOSEUP on: the Product, the VICTRIX TRAINERS she’s wearing on her feet.]

[REVERSE ANGLE: SOUND of LAUGHTER gets her attention. Standing nearby is a ROADRUNNER, not quite two feet in height – a real-looking bird, not a cartoon – who somehow possesses the power of human speech.]

[ROADRUNNER: You have got to be kidding me. Do you think you have a chance here? Sure, you have the new British Victrix Trainers. How much good could they do you? Look at me, will you? I’m a Roadrunner! I don’t even need these wings to fly – I’m made of speed! We can’t race, my friend. It just wouldn’t be fair!]

[BACK TO PREVIOUS ANGLE: The young woman Runner cracks a smile.]

[RUNNER: Okay, then. I’ll give you a head start.]

[She goes into a crouch: Ready to give it her all.]

[EXTREME WIDE SHOT: Of the desert, the highway, and the sky. From this distance, neither “racer” is visible. Then… as we HEAR a CLAP of THUNDER, a CLOUD of DUST barrels to the horizon.]




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