Speculative Ad: “Scien-TESS Learning System”

Chien-shiung Wu (1912-1997)
Chien-shiung Wu (1912-1997) (Photo credit: Smithsonian Institution)
Sofia Kovalevskaya Bust
Sofia Kovalevskaya Bust (Photo credit: Arenamontanus)
Sally Ride speaking at UT Arlington
Sally Ride speaking at UT Arlington (Photo credit: oddharmonic)

PRINT AD # 2 –


written by: Eric Gilmartin

Original text: Copyright 2013.


Promotes a fictitious line of science textbooks — by recalling great women of science, for modern girls.




Two or three girls, age range 10-14, cluster around either a microscope or a telescope, as one holds up a book entitled “Great Women of Science”. An arrowhead from the headline points to this book.


Because science is woman’s work, too.


Hypatia, a Greek woman, studied the stars, invented a water distiller, and ran the Library of Alexandria – during the late fourth century. Mercuriade was an Italian surgeon – during the Middle Ages. In 1748 agronomist Eva Ekeblad became the first woman admitted to the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. Caroline Herschel discovered comets on her own, and the planet Uranus with her brother.

Marie Curie discovered uranium, and won the Nobel Prize — twiceSofia Kovalevskaya edited scientific journals, in nineteenth-century Russia. Chien-Shiung Wu worked on the Manhattan Project. Mathematician Evelyn Boyd Granville wrote tracking programs for Project Mercury. Astronaut Sally Ride deployed and retrieved satellites, aboard the Space Shuttle.

America needs more scientists, engineers, mathematicians and technicians. We think they shouldn’t all be men. Scien-TESS Learning System aims to encourage young people, of both sexes, to engage in the scientific process. With our help, someday, the newest name in this book… could be your daughter’s.

*To produce alternate versions of this ad, delete first or second paragraph.


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